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It’s that time of year again! This means we’re busy bees editing lots of gorgeous weddings ready to deliver back a lifetime of happy memories. Unlike many photographers, we don’t cap or limit the number of photos that we deliver in our final galleries. As a result editing can take a little bit longer than we’d like. Turn around time is up to around 8 weeks for weddings taking place June-October.

On the plus side, you’ll receive every good, useable photograph from the day. Every photograph will be individually adjusted by hand to ensure it’s absolutely perfect for you. Typically we deliver 800+ images.

Editing queue

  1. Charlotte & Gary (est delivery date: May 28th)
  2. Gabrielle & Sean (est delivery date: June 4th)
  3. Trudy & David (est delivery date: June 12th)
  4. Hayley & Paul (est delivery date: June 30th)
  5. Tom & Sarah (est delivery date: July 10th)

Please note, we are currently awaiting a move date as we are moving house. This could be any time between mid June-mid July. As a result galleries due to be delivered from around June 15th onwards may be subject to a slight delay to the dates given above. This is due to needing to have internet re-installed at our new house and studio. Unfortunately we are at the mercy of the Internet Service provider here and when they can fit us in. We have factored in a “buffer” of 10 days to our usual delivery time, but please bear with us in the event of over run. We will of course keep you totally up to date regarding any delays and thanks so much for your patience!

  1. Jess & Frankie (est delivery date: July 18th)
  2. Rachel & Kane (est delivery date: July 27th)


If you have any questions at all please don’t hesitate to pop us a message – [email protected]

Whilst you wait for your photos, keep an eye on our social media accounts for teasers and behind the scenes shots!

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