Gaynes Park ReviewIf you’re looking for a Gaynes Park review, you’ve definitely come to the right place!

We are a pair of Essex wedding photographers who’ve had the opportunity to shoot at this venue many times over the years. As such we thought it appropriate to share our experiences and write a Gaynes Park review. When we were looking for wedding venues ourselves, all we could find were reviews by other couples. As useful as these were, as wedding photographers we know we’ll experience many things that a couple will not.

Gaynes Park Review

Whilst working at a wedding venue as a supplier, you really do get to see “behind the scenes” as it were. We frequently work directly with staff on the day and therefore gain a better understanding of how things operate. You get a true insight into how things are run and what goes into making a wedding day perfect.

Our experiences of working at Gaynes park have always been positive. Come rain or shine, summer or winter, every couple is offered the same commitment and dedication to their day.

Gaynes Park Review

Gaynes Park is very well maintained and very well kept. The grounds and venue itself have always been spotless when we’ve worked there. The attention to detail is superb.

One of the things we like most about working at Gaynes Park is the variety of locations offered by the venue itself. From the barn, to the gardens, London look out and the orangery. It has one of the most beautiful indoor spaces for a wedding ceremony in Essex. And nowhere offers a more memorable walk down the aisle!

Gaynes Park Review

On the whole, things seem to always run to time, which is great. At many venues we find there is no active coordination and no one on hand to ensure the day is being managed correctly. This is not the case at Gaynes park.

Something we’ve also noticed about Gaynes Park is how they continue to invest in the venue and make improvements or purchases with their couples in mind. It is clear that client satisfaction and experience is important.

Gaynes Park Review

It is for these reasons and for many more that we are always excited to receive an enquiry to provide our services for a wedding at Gaynes Park. Not only are we local, but it is one of the few venues that we would gladly work at again and again.

Other points:

  1. There is lots of space- it’s a large site with a great variety of locations, but things are conveniently close together.
  2. The food really is wonderful. You’ll never find a better scotch egg!
  3. Parking is plentiful
  4. Nice, well maintained loos and plenty of them.
  5. Lots of choice for photo locations.
  6. On site accommodation
  7. Designated area for the bride and/or groom to get ready as well as guests
  8. The bar accepts card payments- not all wedding venues do so this is a key point!
  9. A safe space for little ones.

Gaynes Park Review Gaynes Park Review

If you have found this Gaynes Park review to be useful and would like to know more about our wedding photography services, please do not hesitate to get in touch. [email protected]
Gaynes Park website

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