Meet Sam & Louise: Lincolnshire Wedding Photographers

Hi! We’re Sam and Louise Photography. We are a recently married pair of Lincolnshire wedding photographers living in Frampton, just outside Boston.

We’re an award winning photography team, having won the wedding industry awards “Best Photographer” title twice for the East of England region. We’ve also received a Fearless award, several MyWed awards and more

Our approach to wedding photography is very much inspired by the belief that true magic happens when you think no one is watching.

wedding in LincolnshireNatural wedding photographers in Lincolnshire

When you stop posing people and asking them to look into the camera and smile, something wonderful happens. They become human again, with real quirks and personalities of their own. People don’t just smile, they beam with pride. They roar with laughter, wipe away tears and throw some questionable moves on the dance floor!

We’re firm believers that our job is all about the unposed, real moments that capture the spirit of your celebration. We don’t believe in group photos that never end, or forced formality. Allowing your day to unfold naturally without unnecessary intervention or instruction is what we do best.

wedding in LincolnshireDocumentary style coverage and photojournalism

As such, we shoot primarily in a candid, documentary style to ensure that the story of your day is told genuinely and beautifully. We strive to be little more than a passing shadow on your day, dipping in and out of moments that would otherwise be gone in the blink of an eye. We believe in celebrating creativity and seeing beyond what lies immediately before us. Delivering something unique and memorable to each and every one of our couples is important to us.

We believe that wedding photography is as much about the experience as the photographs themselves, so we aim to offer exceptional service from the very beginning. You can read what former couples had to say about us here. Alternatively If you’d like to find out more about us and whether we might be the right photographers for you, please get in touch for a chat about your plans. We’d love to hear your story and perhaps be a part of it.

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