Looking to hire a Photo booth in Essex? We recommend Banter in the booth

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If you are looking to hire a photo booth in Essex, we wanted to take the opportunity to recommend Banter in the Booth.

We’ve teamed up with our family to launch a new and exciting photo booth business in Essex and surrounding areas. Having worked in the wedding industry ourselves for the last 7 years, we know it pretty well. And we’re already familiar with most of the wedding venues in the area.

So why haven’t we done it sooner? Well, the truth is that we already have a thriving wedding photography business ourselves that we love. We’re incredibly lucky to already have a full calendar and to receive over 300 enquiries a year for our services. So sadly we’ve just never had the time to get things going, or take things to the stage where we can accept bookings.

So with our expertise and a little help from keen family members, Banter in the Booth, photo booth hire in Essex is now good to go!

Looking for a photo booth in Essex?

One of the most important things for us though was to steer away from traditional photo booths. You know the ones. Bulky, obtrusive, take forever to assemble and take down? That isn’t what we wanted and it’s not what a lot of our clients want either.

So over many months we have researched and ultimately invested in something we’re really excited about. New booths! Our booths are modern, stylish and discreet. They don’t have a huge footprint and they aren’t an eyesore. In fact, they’re tiny…and very slick! Which makes them perfect for all kinds of weddings and events. You can pretty much have them anywhere- even outside!

Because of this, the customisation options are endless. Backgrounds for example, you can customise with your choice of backdrop to totally fit your theme. You can make one of our booths a focal point by creating a winter wonderland orĀ  secret garden. Or if you prefer, you can tuck it away discreetly in a corner next to the bar. The choices are endless.

Accessible photo booth in Essex

Another thing that is great about our booths are the fact that they are totally open. This means they are not enclosed and are accessible from all sides. The major advantage of this being that they are not restrictive in the same way that traditional booths are. They are accessible to everyone- including those with disabilities or those requiring wheelchairs or walking equipment. This is something we’re very passionate about. Having worked at a secondary school with SEN children prior to taking wedding photography full time, it was a shame to see how much “normal” stuff they were forced to miss out on. No one should ever be left out, so we try not to let that happen.

We are very much the silent partner in Banter in the Booth as we have our own bookings to fulfil and deal with. But you can rest assured that you will get the same quality service that expertise that is absolutely second to none. As a small, independent family business we understand the importance of client relationships and getting it right.

Check out the Banter in the Booth website for more information about photo booth hire in Essex

For more information be sure to check out the Banter in the Booth website

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