Frequently Asked Questions

Choosing your wedding photographer is a significant investment, both in financial terms and with regards to the preservation of your memories. As such, it’s so important that you learn as much information about your wedding photographer as possible. Feel free to ask questions that are not covered on their websites. Look through wedding galleries, engagement galleries and blogs. Email your wedding photographer and build a rapport. You may also want to check out reviews and testimonials. Whether you’re looking for a wedding photographer in Essex or one from further afield, you’ll find the answers to many relevant questions below in our FAQ. If you’re a photographer you can find more specific information about us on our mentoring page.


Essex Suffolk wedding photographers, Sam and Louise photography

Where are you based?

We currently live in a town called Chigwell, which is in Essex. Just on the outskirts of London and sitting in Zone 4 of the London central line. However, we cover weddings all over the country.

We live in another part of the country, will it be a problem if we aren’t able to meet in person before the wedding?

Nope, no problem at all! We’d like to think we’re pretty good at conveying who we are and how we work through our website and social media accounts. As long as you love our work we’re pretty confident that we’ll get along just fine. We’re both very laid back and easy to work with. Besides, our style is all about the natural stuff, so you wont even know we’re there half the time!

Do you usually meet with couples prior to booking?

Not usually. We work all over the country with couples from all over the world, so more often than not it just isn’t practical to meet face to face prior to the wedding- let alone prior to booking. But contrary to what the blogs and magazines tell you, this really isn’t a problem at all. Our style is very much about being in the background, capturing the moments between moments, so you wont even know we’re there most of the time.  If you like what you see, and you like what you’ve read then we’re confident that we’ll get along really well! If you do want to chat though we’re happy to skype (or facetime)

Are you insured?

Most definitely! Up to the eyeballs! We have both indemnity and liability cover, as well as equipment insurance.

We're very private/teachers/military/police so we don’t want our photos posted online. Is this ok?

Of course. We work with lots of couples who for whatever reason don’t want (or can’t have) their photos published online. This is something we totally respect and we always ask you to confirm in advance what you’re happy with. As it stands, we only blog around ⅓ of our weddings each year and only around 25% go forward for publication on external blogs/magazines anyway.

What ifs

Essex Suffolk wedding photographers, Sam and Louise photography

What if you’re ill and can’t shoot our wedding?

Because there’s two of us, the likelihood that both of us will be struck down with an illness so debilitating that we’re physically unable to shoot, is thankfully, slim. However, if a situation arose where one (or both) of us were unable to shoot for whatever reason, we would endeavour to help you find a suitable replacement. We are part of several photography networks and have colleagues all over the country who we could call upon in an emergency. Rest assured though, we have a plan A, B and C just in case and it’d have to be pretty much life or death for us to not be there!

ARGH, what if it rains!?

Embrace it! The weather is one thing that unfortunately cannot be controlled, so regardless, go with the flow. We have oodles of experience shooting in wet weather and a bit of rain or wind has never ruined a wedding day yet! Besides, you can capture some incredible images in the rain- it’s surprising how often our couples actually want a bit of rain come the evening, just for the photo opportunities!

What if you’ve not worked at our venue before, will you visit it in advance?

Not usually, no. Photography is all about the light and using the light available. It’s much better to arrive early on the day itself and have a look around then. At least that way you have an accurate idea of the lighting and weather conditions. The “nice” places for pictures aren’t always so nice in glaring sunlight or if it’s pouring down with rain. Thankfully, we have almost 200 weddings worth of experience under our belt and can very quickly identify the best spots for photos.

Coverage & Packages

Essex Suffolk wedding photographers, Sam and Louise photography

Are there any travel/misc costs associated with your wedding packages?

Our standard “base” wedding package is fully inclusive. There are no additional costs for weddings taking place in England or Wales. Weddings in Scotland and Ireland are priced a little higher to account for increased travel expenditure and the need for a couple of nights of accommodation. Destination wedding coverage is quoted on an individual basis and will be charged at our base rate + expenses.

How long will we have you for on the wedding day?

We appreciate that every wedding is different and wont always fit conveniently into a little 8 hour window. As such, we don’t work to a fixed number of hours. Instead we have just one “rule”. Unless otherwise agreed, our coverage ends at 9pm as we have 2 little doggies at home who’ll be waiting for us. To give you an idea though, we generally arrive around 3 hours prior to the ceremony. For most weddings this provides around 10 hours of coverage and renders 800+ images. Additional hours are available too though if you need them.

We’ve noticed your style is more reportage/photojournalistic, do you still do group photos?

If you’d like them. We recommend no more than 10 group photos though so there’s still time for all that lovely natural stuff you see in our portfolio.

Can we provide you with a list of must have photos?

Around a month before your wedding we’ll send over an interactive online questionnaire which asks for all key details about your wedding. This includes asking for a list of your must have family/group photos. If there’s anything else that’s really important to you that we may not otherwise know about, we ask you to let us know too.
The only things we don’t accept are requests to directly copy another photographers work or lists from blogs/magazines along the lines of “101 wedding photos you MUST have”

How many images will we receive? Will all of our images be edited?

A full day of coverage will typically provide around 800 final images. This however is unlimited. After the wedding we’ll go back through and cull to remove blinks/blurs/duplicates/images that didn’t quite work out and everything else will make it’s way to your gallery. All these final images will be edited to our signature style. We do not deliver unedited photos or RAW files.

Do you offer albums and engagement shoots?

Indeed, we do! We offer a range of add ons including albums, engagement shoots, additional hours and more. If there’s anything in particular that you’re interested in please just ask. Our albums are all professional standard albums, handmade in the UK and built to last a lifetime.

Can you film our wedding too, or recommend someone who can?

We can definitely recommend some fantastic videographers if you’re looking. We can also recommend make up artists, cake makers, florists and a whole host of other suppliers! After 6 years of shooting weddings week in week out, you get to know who the good ones are.

After the wedding

Essex Suffolk wedding photographers, Sam and Louise photography

How will our photos be delivered?

Your photos will be delivered via online gallery. You’ll be emailed your personalised gallery link as soon as your photos are ready, making it easy to view and download your images on the go. You’ll also be able to share this link with family and friends. Images in your gallery are high resolution and un-watermarked.
We also offer USB memory boxes as an add on. These include a USB pre-loaded with your images and some goodies from us. USBs are no longer included as standard because, based on feedback, most people just don’t use them! We ourselves have never even plugged in our wedding USB as the whole gallery is online and our photos are far more easily accessible there.

How long before our images are delivered after the wedding?

We state up to 8 weeks in our contract as standard. It’s often much quicker than this though. No matter what the wait we promise they’ll be worth it! Quality over quickness is our motto.

Do we get copyright with our photos?

We give you full printing rights with your wedding photos. This means that you’re able to print, copy and share your images on an unlimited basis, yippee! The only thing you can’t do really is use the images commercially.

Costs & Booking

Essex Suffolk wedding photographers, Sam and Louise photography

Do you offer discounts for weekday or off peak bookings? Can you match another quote I’ve had?

Sorry, we don’t offer discounts or price matching. We’re incredibly fortunate to receive upwards of 250 enquiries a year and we typically only accept around 30-35 of these. This allows us to work consistently throughout the year. As such we don’t really have an “off peak” period.

Can you provide us with a quote for just one photographer/just a couple of hours coverage?

This isn’t something we offer typically, but it’s always worth popping us an email just incase. On rare occasions, we may be able to accommodate short coverage bookings or bookings with just one of us shooting. This would usually be for last minute or weekday weddings, weddings taking place very locally or if we’d be providing emergency cover when your previous photographer has fallen through.

We’d like to book, how!?

If you’d like to book at any stage, just pop us an email letting us know. We’ll then send you a link to our online booking system. This will allow you to complete your booking and secure your date with us online. You’ll be asked to complete a booking form, sign a contract and pay a date retainer fee to reserve your date. Our date retainer fee is £500. This is not an additional cost, it’s deducted from your total balance. Quotes are valid for 7 days but dates are not reserved until you’ve completed your paperwork and paid the date retainer fee. Unfortunately we cannot reserve or pencil in dates without the above.

For photographers & creatives

Essex Suffolk wedding photographers, Sam and Louise photography

Do you offer training, workshops or mentoring?

Workshops aren’t something that we currently offer, but we are more than happy to discuss training and mentoring with you if it’s something you’re interested in. Mentoring is for photographers and creative professionals with an interest in wedding photography. Training is one on one and focuses on a specific area of your work and skill set, for example, using off camera flash. You can find more information on our mentoring page. Or feel free to swing us an email. Our email address is

What preset(s) or filters do you use?

Pre-made presets and filters aren’t for us really! We don’t buy ready made presets at all. For editing we prefer to use custom presets that we’ve created ourselves. We are constantly fine tuning and adjusting our presets and rarely use the exact same thing from one wedding to the next. Each photo is individually adjusted by hand, which we feel is super important.

What cameras/lenses do you use?

Canon 5D MK III bodies and a series of Sigma art/ Canon prime lenses are our go to gear. We also have a couple of Canon zooms in the kit bag, but we prefer a prime!

Are you looking for a second shooter/assistant/associate/intern?

As we work as a duo already, we’re pretty much always covered for the above. It’s always great to know you’re out there though, so if you’re local feel free to drop us a line.

Hey! Let's meet up!

It’s always great to build relationships with other photographers. If we met in person with everyone who asked, every time we were asked though, we’d never have time for our couples (or our work!)

If you’re interested in meeting in a professional capacity (to ask questions about how we work, how we edit, how we got that shot etc) you may be interested in mentoring.

Just want to say hi, or chat non photography stuff? Then feel free to drop us an email or add us on Facebook. We’re especially interested in connecting with other duos around the same price bracket.