Sam & Louise

Lincolnshire wedding photographers


– Behind the camera –

When we’re not photographing weddings, we’re armchair adventurers! This means that whilst we’d love to be actual explorers, the lure of Netflix and takeaway is just too strong! Days off usually involve binge watching box sets and surfing Rightmove – daydreaming about moving to the countryside. We often talk about buying a motorhome and travelling wherever the wind takes us, but home comforts always get the better of us. It remains a pipe dream though! “What‘s for dinner?” is definitely the most overused phrase in our house and deciding is a daily struggle! Mostly because “I don’t mind” is the second most used phrase!

As proud parents to two small, furry, flat faced things however, we do occasionally leave the house for something other than weddings and Pizza Express. We also spend a fair amount of time on woodland walkies trying to avoid other people. The cuties you’ll see on your left just attract way too much attention! As of 2016 we’re also officially the coolest Auntie & Uncle in the world…..having bribed our nieces with a trip to Disneyland in return for the accolade. Fair’s fair!

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Food: A recurring theme for these East Midlands wedding photographers

Sam’s a (veggie) burger loving gamer with a soft spot for Dr Pepper and theme parks. Louise is an animal loving vegan and Psychology graduate….which probably explains the frankly worrying number of books we own about serial killers. Together we love warm fairy lights and old wooden furniture. Waffle cone ice creams and staring whimsically at starry skies. We insult one another far more often than we say “I love you” but to us, that’s how we know it’s true love. And whilst he insists that he’d give me a kidney if I ever needed it, there’s more chance of hell freezing over than of me being offered the last slice of pizza!

Pizza politics aside though, we’re the very best of friends and for some reason this whole living and working together thing just works. We met as students way back when Emo hair was a thing and having plans beyond the weekend was unnecessary. Yet somehow, almost a decade later here we are as proper, responsible adults with jobs and everything. Apparently. Most of the time it feels like we’re just winging it. But doesn’t everyone? 

Now you’ve read a little more about us, we would love to hear a bit more about you too! If the V-bomb didn’t scare you away and the photos of 19 year old us didn’t do it either it’d be great to hear from you and chat about your plans in more detail. Alternatively, you can read about our approach to photographing a wedding here if you haven’t already. Although we are East Midlands wedding photographers based in Lincolnshire, we are available for wedding commissions wherever you’d like us!

Our own wedding

To date, our biggest adventure of all has been getting married ourselves! We took ourselves off to the local registry office near where we lived in Essex, and with just a couple of witnesses we signed our lives away! Then in true #gilbertandyoung style we went out for burgers, just the two of us.

A few days later we hotfooted it up to the Lincolnshire wolds and hosted a weekend wedding celebration for our nearest and dearest. We invited just 12 guests (and 4 dogs) along to share a whole weekend of fun with us. We chose a celebrant led ceremony hosted in the grounds of a country mansion a little before sunset. We exchanged personal vows and in place of traditional wedding rings we closed a lock of love together. Our reception followed the same informal vibe with sack racing and later a pool party too! You’ll see some of our wedding photos above taken by another Midlands wedding photographer, Alex Miller.