Sam & Louise

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About Us

Hi, We’re Sam and Louise. We’re a pair of photographers specialising in creative wedding photography. We are based in Essex but shoot weddings all over the place! Oh and we’re married….to each other!

We met over cheeky vimto cocktails in an Essex pub and we’ve been trying to decide what to have for dinner ever since. It’s a daily struggle! When we’re not waist deep in the sea or getting low low low at weddings, we can usually be found on countryside expeditions with our little crew. Left to our own devices Sam’s a burger loving online gamer- Louise an animal loving (not so former) emo kid. We love warm fairy lights and wooden furniture. Old school tattoo art and waffle cone ice creams. We love nights in, staring whimsically at starry skies and spontaneous beach trips. We love binge watching boxsets and browsing Rightmove….just to be nosey really! Photography has taken us on some superb adventures so far and we’re always ready for the next one.

Our Story

We shot our first wedding together in 2011 and that was the beginning of “Sam & Louise” as we know it today. Over the last 6 years, almost 200 couples have entrusted us with the task of telling their story. We’ve been fortunate enough to have our work recognised globally as a result. Our photography work is regularly featured in leading UK wedding magazines and on blogs such as love my dress. We’ve also contributed images to articles for the likes of Huffington post and

We’d like to think our style is a unique mix of photojournalism and creative artistry. Over the years we’ve developed a seamless, complementary way of shooting together that allows us to dip in and out of your celebration, capturing the things that matter most. With us, you don’t just get a photographer and their shadow, you get two full time professional story tellers each with our own skills and creative vision. The result? Seamless, rounded coverage of your day that ensures no moment or detail goes overlooked.

We believe wholeheartedly in allowing your day to unfold naturally without unnecessary intervention or awkward poses. It’s our cringe free guarantee! Our approach is all about capturing people at their best, having the time of their lives. If that sounds right up your street, we’d love to hear some more about your plans. And if you’re not making it legal just yet? We can help with that too! Find out more about our couples photography.

To date our biggest adventure of all has been getting married ourselves! On September 12th, 2015 we hosted a teeny tiny outdoor wedding up in the Midlands for just 12 of our nearest and dearest. We had a very personal, very unique ceremony conducted by a humanist celebrant! This was followed by sack racing and a pool party! It was (of course) dog friendly too. There was far too much food, lots to drink and plenty of good music. It was us to a T, so if you’d like to get to know us a little better you can read all about it over on Boho Weddings or watch our film trailer which we’ve added above. Our fabulous wedding trailer is by our good friends Unique Visuals Wedding Films who we cannot recommend enough. The photo at the top of this page is by Alex Miller.