Wedding photographs in the rain. Wet wedding photos

couple at gaynes park in the rain

Rain on your wedding day doesn’t have to be the end of the world.┬áIt’s something that so many couples worry about and stress over- ourselves included. Having shot lots of weddings on days where it has rained, we knew ourselves that it didn’t ruin anything. But that didn’t stop us from obsessively checking the weather forecast! Even on the day of our own wedding, the weather forecast was completely wrong. It rained when it wasn’t supposed to and then we ended up with the most amazing sunset that evening.

Along similar lines, we’ve shot weddings where storms have been forecast and it’s been a perfect day. And others where it’s supposed to have been glorious sunshine, only for it to be a constant blanket of fine rain.

In this post we have attached some wedding photos from days where it has rained. We have included a mix of couples portraits and some more natural, candid moments.

If you are prepared to overlook the rain and venture outside for a couple of minutes here or there, you can achieve some amazing things. Some of our favourite images have come from weddings where it has rained. It’s also surprising how many of our couples actually hope for a little rain on the evening of their wedding, just so they can get a wet wedding photo! They always prove to be quite “wow” images, as most people don’t realise what is achievable in the rain!
maidens barn wet weddingst pauls cathedral weddingbruisyard hall weddinghigh billinghurst farm weddingtipi wedding in norfolk tipi wedding in norfolk tipi wedding in norfolk The best barn wedding venues in EssexDown Hall weddingSome of the best Barn wedding venues in Essex

It’s easier said than done to not worry about rain on your wedding day, but as long as you’re prepared to go with the flow you’ll still have a fantastic time! Some of our most memorable weddings, with the best atmospheres have been ones where it’s been wet all day.

On the plus side, bad weather forces everyone inside to socialise. So there’s lots of merriment, lots of mingling and sometimes lots of drinking too- which tends to lead to some pretty wild evening celebrations too.

Every negative had a positive, so don’t be too disheartened if you do wake to find a gloomy morning on your wedding day. The chances are, you wont even notice most of the time!

If you’d like to see some more wet weddings in full, you can find some more photos from weddings on our blog.
Down Hall wedding. Copdock Hall wedding. Creaksea Place barns wedding. Gaynes Park wedding. Maidens barn wedding.

All of these weddings experienced rain on their wedding day and you can see how fantastic the days still were!

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