Mentoring with Sam & Louise.


What is mentoring?

Mentoring with Sam and Louise is an ongoing programme of support for photographers and other creative professionals- particularly those with an interest in photojournalism and creative wedding photography. Our approach is totally relaxed and we’re committed to supporting your development and goals according to your needs.

Who is it for? Mentoring is for existing photographers or creatives who are perhaps looking to branch into wedding photography. It’s also suitable for those with a current wedding portfolio who are looking to take their business to the next level. Perhaps you’re stuck in a rut, suffering from a creative block or just want to take things in another direction. Maybe you’re at the start of your career and are trying to figure out whether wedding photography is right for you before investing all your time (and money!) into it. Whether you’re looking for in depth support across several areas, or just some impartial portfolio feedback, we can help.

Who isn’t it for? Mentoring isn’t training and there are no shortcuts to success. Mentoring isn’t about teaching you how to use your camera or sending you away with a shopping list of must have gear that’ll launch your career. Mentoring is about developing your own style and creativity whilst supporting you along the way. It’s about being an experienced, professional voice and giving you the tools and support you need to carve out your own creative niche in an ever growing industry. If you’re looking for a crash course in photography or are hoping there’s a big secret that is revealed on photography courses or workshops…there isn’t. Sorry! But the upside to that is that it’s a lot more fun this way.

If you are looking for help with very specific things, such as off camera flash techniques, one off training sessions may be a better fit for you.

So why Sam & Louise?

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Areas we can help with

  • Helping you to establish where you want to be vs where you currently are.
  • Suggesting positive steps to help you work towards and achieve the goals/dreams you have with regards to your photography
  • Portfolio or website evaluation and feedback
  • Helping to select a portfolio that best represents your style and brand
  • Advice on workflow and editing
  • Sharing personal experience, techniques, preferred methods, equipment etc (we have a special interest in off camera flash and lighting techniques)
  • In depth accounts of how we work on a wedding day (with timings if required)
  • Encouragement and support
  • Help figuring out pricing, email responses etc
  • Face to face, skype or email chats/meets
  • The basics of SEO and creating a web presence
  • Help with blogging and social media

What does it cost?

All mentoring programmes are individually tailored to meet your needs and as such will be quoted on an individual basis.
To give you an idea of costs:
Single Skype sessions are available from £80 // Block of 5 sessions £350
In person “one to one” with both Sam & Louise from £450
3 month support package from £350

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More information about us

You’ve probably already guessed, but we’re Sam & Louise. That’s us at the top of the page! We’re usually a bit more smiley, honest! We’re just one of the ever growing number of “Husband and wife” photography teams out there. We are both full time, professional wedding photographers and have been shooting exclusively together for the last 6 years. We are pretty much entirely self taught- although Louise did study photography at college some years ago (albeit on film and in the darkroom!) Graduating top of the class, she went on lend Sam her DSLR for a project and the rest is history really.

From the very beginning we’ve handled every aspect of our business ourselves; from admin and accounts through to blogs, SEO and editing. As a result we have a good general understanding of what it takes to set up, run and maintain a successful photography business from scratch. It’s only been in the last year or two that we’ve actually hired an accountant to help lighten the load. We are still very much hands on.

When “Sam & Louise” was little more than a pipe dream, we worked from a  corner in Sam’s bedroom at his parents house. Aged just 20 and 23 at the time, we were shooting weddings at the weekend alongside two full time jobs.

Within 18 months though Louise was able to give up her day job and began working as a photographer full time. 6 months later, Sam followed suit. We now run a business that receives around 300 enquiries annually and provides us both with a good, above average income. We only shoot weddings (& engagements)- our favourite thing and speciality. We’re often asked to photograph other things, but we’re fortunate enough to be able to pick and choose which jobs we take on.

We work really hard, but the reward is rarely having to wake up to an alarm buzzing in our ears and never going to work for someone else everyday. Everything we put in directly benefits us and the fabulous couples who entrust us with their most precious memories. If you have a dream about making wedding photography your career, just like we did, we’d love to help you achieve it. Our special areas of interest are off camera flash and lighting techniques (shutter dragging, natural light vs flash and when to use them)

Email [email protected] or fill in the form attached to get started.
It doesn’t cost anything to connect with us, so find us on social media and say hi!