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Photography Training

Unlike mentoring, photography training focuses on specific areas of your skill set. Training aims to teach you how to do specific things or to achieve a particular look, for example. Training will teach you our methods and how we do things in a lesson type context. If you are more interested in developing your own ideas, skills and looks over time through professional leadership, Mentoring may be a better fit for you.

Who is it for? Training is for photographers who have identified a specific area of their work or workflow that they would like help with. That may be learning to use or implement off camera flash, or wanting help with lightroom and editing techniques for example. It may even be that you need some serious help with email responses and building a relationship with your clients online. Wedding photography training is for photographers who offer their skills professionally, whether full time or part time. It doesn’t matter whether you have a day job, whether you’re relatively new or have years of experience. If there’s something that we do, that you like and want to improve on, we can help.

Who isn’t it for? Whilst training focuses on the teaching and learning of specific skills, it’s not a beginners course in photography or learning to use a DSLR. We can of course help with basics if need be, but none of what we do is aimed at people who are picking up a camera for the first time. Similarly, it’s not for anyone who’s hoping to learn that there’s a one size fits all magic button for perfect photos in any situation. Photography, unfortunately, doesn’t work like that and regardless of what we teach you, you’ll still need to be adaptable enough to take those skills and tweak them according to the situation at hand.

Training is about sharing skills and giving you the foundations to developing your own techniques within your photography business. Whilst we all as photographers have shared objectives, we love originality. Share Objectives, Love Originality. SOLO.

So why Sam & Louise?

Lincolnshire wedding photography

Areas we can help with

  • Off camera flash and lighting techniques
  • Photography after dark (night time couples portraits)
  • Direct flash and creating an atmosphere on the dance floor
  • Editing: Photomechanic, lightroom, creating presets, workflow
  • Admin; standout email responses, dealing with tricky clients etc
  • The basics of SEO
  • Blogging

We would recommend that all training sessions take place in person. We are based in ESSEX until the end of 2018. We will then be relocating to Lincolnshire in the East Midlands. From 2019 our studio will be available for in person mentoring and studio sessions

What does it cost?

All training programmes are quoted on an individual basis, according to your specific requirements.

To give you an idea of costs:

Half day “one to one” with both Sam & Louise £300

Full day with S&L £450

Two day programme covering several areas £750

Training and mentoring package from £450

Want to bring a friend? +£75 per person

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